June 14, 2023

Snoop Dogg loses bid to buy Ottawa Senators

Snoop Dogg loses bid to buy Ottawa Senators

American rap star, Snoop Dogg has lost his bid to buy NFL outfit, Ottawa Senators. 


The NHL franchise announced on Tuesday, June 13, that it has opted to sell its team to another bidder. Snoop had been a part of the group that L.A.-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks had put together in an effort to buy the hockey team, but the outfit said they've decided to go with the offer that Toronto billionaire Michael Andlauer had made. 


Andlauer and his backers will fork over right around $1 BILLION for the team as part of the sale.


Snoop wasn't the only celeb who had his eyes on the team. Ryan Reynolds was also putting together an offer for the team, though he reportedly backed out of it all in May.

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