June 24, 2022

Army court-martial 227 soldiers

Army court-martial 227 soldiers

The General and Special Court-Martial set-up by the Joint Military Task force; Operation Hadinkai in North East, has recommended the imprisonment of 30 soldiers and officers for committing various offences.


Major General Christopher Musa, Theater Commander of Operation Hadinkai, stated this on Thursday, June 23, while inaugurating a Special Court-Martial to try 29 soldiers at the headquarters of the theater in Maimalari Barrack in Maiduguri, Borno State.


Major General Musa gave a breakdown of the cases and said a total of 227 soldiers and officers were presented before the military court.


He said: "We have 30 imprisonment cases, 4 dismissal from the Armed forces , 25 reduction of rank and loss of seniority, 20 loss of pay, severe reprimand 17, discharge and acquitted 10, case struck off 14, recommended summary trial 107 and a total of 227.


"The whole essence is to ensure there is justice that is why it took us sometime for us to bring this out because we don’t want anyone to feel he has been shortchange for whatever reason."

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