July 13, 2021

Woman who claimed she had 10 babies at once is being held 'against her will' at mental hospital as government officials claim she may never have even been pregnant

Woman who claimed she had 10 babies at once is being held

The husband of the South African woman who claimed to have given birth to 10 babies has gone to court to demand that she be freed after she was detained in a mental health institution.


Local government officials in Pretoria in South Africa claim that Moliehi Maria Sithole, also known as Gosiame Thamara, did not give birth to 10 babies and may not have even been pregnant when the story went viral that she broke a record to have decuplets.


According to a local government report, the woman had never been pregnant.


The report also stated that the woman previously claimed to have given birth to triplets which was also not confirmed.


According to her and her husband Teboho Tsotetsi, she is currently held against her will at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital under an order from the Gauteng Department of Social Development.


Woman who claimed she had 10 babies at once is being held


The legal papers filed by Refiloe Mokoena, of Refilwe Mokoena Attorneys, said she was being held illegally after being arrested by the police without a court order or any criminal case against her at all.


The woman's lawyer has accused government officials of a gross violation of her rights to freedom of movement and liberty.


He said she also had the right to refuse medical treatment, adding: "I've been refused permission to speak to her by police who said they were acting under orders from the Department of Social Development."

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