July 09, 2021

"I am a victim of everything I have done before, disaster for me is amazing achievement for others' - Jose Mourinho defends his record as a football coach

Ahead of the new season as Roma’s new coach, Jose Mourinho has defended his managerial record in the Premier League and listed his trophy wins saying his achievements are judged differently from other managers.


Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham having previously been sacked by Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid during his time in England and Spain respectively.


However, Mourinho, speaking during his unveiling in Rome on Thursday, July 8, says he was a success in England and what looks like failure to him is success to other managers.


Mourinho told reporters:

"I am a victim of everything I have done before. I am victim of how people look at me now, unfortunately.

"At Manchester United, I won three trophies and it was called a disaster. At Tottenham, after arriving in a tough moment, I reached a final that I was unable to lead the side out in. What is a disaster for me would be an amazing achievement for others.

"The targets? Speaking in a very pragmatic way, our first target is to win the first competitive game we have. Then after that, we will think about the next target. There is a job to be done, this team and this club need to improve each and every day. We have started in that regard with all the infrastructure at Trigoria.

"So that is our objective: every day we need to do better and to be better."

When asked about those that don't consider him a top coach anymore, Mourinho added:

"I have already responded to that: at the last three clubs I have worked for, I won a league title with Chelsea, three trophies with Manchester United, and reached a final that I could not manage in with Tottenham.

"What is a disaster for me, others have never done in their life. It’s my fault."


Roma have been linked with a number of players since Mourinho took over, but Mourinho gave nothing away at his press conference on Thursday, telling reporters: "I have not spoken to anyone [about joining Roma].

"You can choose to believe whether that is true or not, but I have not spoken to anyone. I speak with [Roma general manager] Tiago [Pinto], I speak with the ownership, I speak with different people within the club... but as far as players go, I have not spoken with any of them."

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