February 23, 2021

Former Governor's aide arraigned in court for calling ex-wife an adulterer

Former Governor

Salihu Yahaya, an ex-aide of former Governor of Adamawa state Boni Haruna, has been arraigned before an Upper Area Court III in Yola for allegedly calling his former wife, Maryam Tabah, an adulterer.


Maryam Tabah had accused her ex-husband of spreading lies of her being an adulterer after they seperated. She alleged that Yahaya who she was married to for 19 years, defamed her by accusing her of adultery and telling everyone that he sent her packing because she has been sleeping with a young boy whose name she gave as Adamu Buba Bazza. 


Maryam further disclosed that after their marriage was dissolved on January 4, 2021, Yahaya called her friend Sa’a Luka, informing her that he divorced her friend on grounds of infidelity.


The ex-chief protocol to former governor of the state however made a no-guilty submission through his counsel after being arraigned for defamation. 


His ex-wife however insisted that his conduct amounted to defamation of character punishable under section 378 of the Penal Code of Adamawa.

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