January 09, 2021

Court dismisses APC's certificate forgery lawsuit against Governor Obaseki

Court dismisses APC

The alleged certificate forgery suit filed against Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state by the  All Progressives Party (APC) and a chieftain of the party Williams Edobor, has been dismissed by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja. 


The plaintiffs had accused the Edo state Governor of presenting a forged certificate purportedly issued by the University of Ibadan to seek re-election in the Edo State governorship election held on September 19, 2020.


Justice Ahmed Mohammed delivered the judgment on Saturday January 9 after both parties closed their cases and presented witnesses and evidence to the court, dismissed the case on grounds of the allegations not being proved.


He noted that though the allegation of forgery was criminal in nature and required to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, the plaintiffs failed to bring any evidence not to talk of proving the allegation beyond reasonable doubt.

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