November 28, 2020

NFL News Shows Good Reason Why Steelers Game Shift

Today nfl news will be talking about why steelers game shifted. Source to nfl news reveals to nfl news that the ongoing covid-19 is the grand cause. The game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore has been reschedule to Tuesday night at 8 p.m. The game will be broadcast on NBC.

This decision is hard to make but it just had to be made to ensure that the health of the players and audience is in good condition. On Thursday round of covid-19 testing, Lamar Jackson was tested positive and was stopped from partaking in Sundays game. Everything will come into place if the current uproar of covid-19 in the organization subside.

Below is a summary of the 2 main reason

Increase of Covid-19 in the Organization: Because Covid-19 is a dangerous and deadly virus which can jeopardize someone's life. It is advisable to tackle it with all seriousness. The event will attract crowd and it is likely to spread as fast as a jet. Thus getting to both the players and those that came to watch the event. And the only way to stop this from happening is to shift the game to a new date when it might has cool down. To secure the life's of the players and those who came for the sake of the event.

Don't want to fall victim of other clubs and coach: This is the wisest decision any man could make. Steelers coach refused to be like his other colleagues in the sport business who caught the deadly disease and was fighting for life. He instead used them to learn a lesson and thus prevented it in the best ways he can. He also puts his players at heart and wants them to be free of the virus at all cost. He is currently analyzing the situation and as soon as it goes down, he will release his players for full sport event. Because covid-19 is one big hit all have to be careful and stay focused until it dies out finally.

In the meantime he is currently warming his players to getting set for the hot game taking place soon. And he is so sure his team will come out victorious.

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