September 22, 2020

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Ends: Big Tears Falls Down

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Ends: Big Tears Falls Down

Chelsea vs Liverpool has brought so much uproar to Chelsea vs Liverpool fans as the match seems so tough. Chelsea vs Liverpool is a history that is repeating itself because it has happened in the past with so much disappointment from Chelsea fan. 

The match has a very tight beginning and of which Chelsea started the game with Havertz in a central striking position and Werner being on the wide left side. It was a competitive journey for both the players and those that watched them play. Then liverpool score the first goal with the help of Sadio Mane. Chelsea was in a tight corner as they try to equalize the goal before  Sadio Mane hits the goal the second time. The Chelsea results today live match is indeed a happy one for Liverpool fans and a sad one for the fans of Chelsea. This is not the first time this is happening and Chelsea is not the only one who has lost a match to Liverpool. Liverpool has also lost a match to Chelsea in the past.

 As if to only emphasize about the point, Alisson’s self assurance ultimately enhance Jorginho, as he finally had that penalty routine rumbled.

It is actually surprising that hadn’t happened before now, especially when it’s not like the Italian is pushing it in the corner. It was only a matter of time until a intelligent goalkeeper was going to use it against him.

Afterwards there was no late push for Chelsea for they have just 10 men left and the match became so difficult for them. They try to score at least one goal but this time, it was so touch as everything has become so complicated. Liverpool delivers another goal which puts the game to a final stop of Liverpool 2:0 Chelsea. Chelsea FC Live started with a great hope for Chelsea but it finally end in a sorrowful way. Chelsea fans and supporters feels disappointed and frustrated following the final results. I hope this will be corrected in the next season.

Christensen’s red card was a big mistake to Chelsea because it happened when Chelsea had themselves charged up and was ready to deliver what they had before the beginning of the game.

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