December 13, 2019

Woman hangs mynah bird to 'teach it a lesson' and deter other birds from flying into her kitchen (video)

Woman hangs mynah bird to
A woman hanged a mynah bird outside the window of her flat in Yishun, Singapore, to teach it a lesson and deter others from flying into her kitchen.

In the video posted on Facebook by the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), the black mynah bird was dangling on what appears to be a string from the laundry pole stand outside the flat.

The group was alerted to the bird via its rescue hotline and subsequently went to the flat to save it. The woman was then told that she had committed an act of cruelty and was advised on other ways to deter birds drawn to exposed food in the kitchen.

Our 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline received a call for a mynah who was seen dangling from a unit’s laundry pole stand in Yishun. Our rescue officers were shocked to learn from the unit’s resident that the mynah was deliberately hung from the pole to teach the mynah (and other mynahs) a lesson so they can “learn” not to enter her kitchen.
The mynah was assessed for injuries and given some water and food before being released. The resident was informed that this is an act of cruelty and the rescue officers advised other ways to deter birds who are drawn to exposed food.
NParks is currently investigating the case.
#WhiteVentedMynah #UrbanWildlife #EndAnimalcruelty"

Watch the video below...

Woman hangs mynah bird to

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