May 08, 2019

'Messi Aigbe' is trending on Nigerian Twitter after Barcelona's loss to Liverpool

Nigerians definitely have no chills!

With Lionel Messi's inability to rescue his team during the semi-final game against Liverpool, the striker is now being compared to Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe on Twitter.

The tweets and perspectives are totally hilarious.... See below..

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Barcelona Messi in Spain vs Barcelona Messi aigbe outside Spain especially against Liverpool
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Barca fans please take it easy. Your can still do more next season. That's if he is not Messi aigbe or Messi Johnson anymore.
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Barcelona Fans: No be say den no go troll us, den go troll us, troll us tired. If you like call him Messi Aigbe or Messi Johnson, you go Messi him anything tired.
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Too much work at the first leg must have caused messi aigbe sorry Lionel messi to lose weight kia
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Should we use Messi Aigbe or Messi Johnson as our WCW? or both because they will never walk alone.
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Gbas Gbos πŸ₯Š....and someone went from being a GOAT 🐐 last week to being a scapegoat this weekπŸ˜„....all hail Messi Aigbe πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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RT niggazoid: Barca, Barca, because of you I can’t open my whatsapp

I have so much messages it feels like my birthday. Only this time, na insult.

They called my GOAT Messi Aigbe, one bastard also said they used the GOAT for itunu awe

*deep sigh*

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