May 07, 2019

7 Important Things To Do Before Having A Huge Meal

Huge meal is good to have sometimes but it has bad effect to the health especially in your weight loss journey. For it not to affect you, follow these are 7 important things to do before having a huge meal.

1. Trying to lose weight?

During weight loss journey, people are generally advised to cut down on unhealthy food items or avoid them totally. But at times you cannot say no to family outings or having dinner dates with your friends, after all socializing is still very important. Most people go crazy before their big meal day. They spend extra time on the treadmill, starve themselves throughout the day so that they can have whatever they want when they go out. But let us tell you that these tricks really do not work and people often end up consuming more calories, thereby ruining their entire weight loss plan.

2. Have an apple

Always have an apple 15-minutes before you eat your meal. The fruit contains a high amount of fiber and it can reduce the amount of calories you will consume in that meal by about 15 percent.

3. Plan Ahead

Always plan your meal in advance. It has been found that people eat more than they bargain for because they do not plan ahead of time. Only pick one food item that is calorie rich. It could be an appetizers, alcohol or dessert. This way you will enjoy your meal and not be carried away.

4. Don't starve yourself

Starving yourself before a meal is not ideal and can slow down your metabolism. This will also make you eat more food. When you have a lot intake of calories during meal time, extra calorie will be stored in your body in the form of fat. To avoid your body from going into storage mode, try to eat normally before having any big meal. A bowl of fruits or a handful of nuts is enough to keep your metabolism on the right track.

5. Brush your teeth

Studies has it that sniffing of peppermint essential oil or brushing your teeth before your big meal will help control your appetite. The minty smell from the peppermint is widely known to suppress hunger.

6. Drink a glass of water

Ensure to drink one or two glasses of water before you take your meal. This way you will not be able to eat too much food and will be able to enjoy your feast in a rightful manner.

7. Sound Sleep

Having enough sleep before the big meal day could really help you to make better food choices. Depriving yourself from sleep can make you crave for sugary and unhealthy food items. It is recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily on a regular basis in order to lose weight.

Over to you, If you think that there is more to these list that i skipped. Please let me know your feedback via the comment section below.


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