May 03, 2019

4 Top Songs You Should Listen To In Japan Jam 2019

Japan Jam is a music festival celebrate by the Japanese annually. This year, Japan is currently celebrating the 2019 edition tagged Japan Jam 2019. The festival is a 3 days festival starting on 3rd of May and Ends on 5 of May. It is mostly celebrated by male than females.

Greats songs are being remembered and played through out the country. The Japan Jam 2019 comes with a lot of expectation and most Japanese citizens tends to request for the best songs.

So i will be listing 4 Top Songs You Should Listen To In Japan Jam 2019 festival. 

1. Over by Little Glee Monster

2. Lost Child (Noisia Remix) by Momoiro Clover Z

3. D - Tecnolife by Uverworld

4. Candy Candy - Chan Chaka Chan Chan by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

If you are gamed for the japan jam 2019 celebration, the above 4 top songs is what you should listen to and enjoy for the remaining days of the celebration.


Do you like the list of songs we just mentioned? Let me hear your feedback via the comment session. 

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