May 04, 2019

3 Mysterious Rainfall That May Occur In May The Fourth Be With You 2019 Day

May the fourth be with you day is also known as star wars day and its celebrated annually every may 4th. Its 2019 celebration is to hold tomorrow and its tagged "may the fourth be with you 2019".

It is observed by fans of the media franchise. Observance of the commemorative day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations. The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you" as "May the Fourth be with you".

May the fourth be with you day is widely celebrated by the United States followed by other countries.

This year celebration may come with something strange which is revealed by an advanced climatology. The strange happening is the 3 mysterious rainfall that may occur in may the fourth be with you 2019 day".

3 Mysterious Rainfall That May Occur In May The Fourth Be With You 2019 Day

1. Relief Rainfall: Relief rainfall occurs when air has been blown over the sea and is then forced up over an area of high land. This causes the air to cool and the moisture in the air condenses and rain falls.

2. Frontal Rainfall: Frontal rainfall occurs when warm air is forced to rise over cold air. The moisture in the warm air condenses as it cools which causes clouds and rain.

3. Convectional Rainfall: Occurs mostly in tropics where it is hot. When air is hot is rises and cools and condenses forming rain. If the air is hot enough, it rises very quickly and can cause thunderstorms.

Do you think this happenings will occur or not? Let me hear your feedback via the comment session.  

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