April 02, 2019

This Perfect Duration Of Sleep Will Make You To Lose Weight Fast

Diet and exercise are surely the two most important keys to lose weight, but they are not the only thing. There are certainly other things that you can try to intensify your weight loss process and sound sleep is one of them.

Poor sleep quality not only increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, but it is one of the causes of obesity. In fact, poor sleep quality is a major risk factor for weight gain.

The biggest mistake

Not getting enough sleep is the biggest mistake most people make while trying to lose weight. They might follow their diet and exercise sincerely, but overlooking this one factor might hamper all their efforts. It is true that the sleep requirement for people vary, but it is observed that getting less than seven hours of sleep can lead to fluctuations in weight. Sleeping for seven to nine hours is beneficial in numerous ways. This even helps your body to burn fat while you sleep. Short sleep duration increases the chances of weight gain in children by 89% and 55% in adults. Moreover, sleep disorders like sleep apnea are worsened by weight gain.

How it helps

According to the National Sleep Foundation, our body repairs itself in the sleep by releasing growth hormones. The hormones stimulate muscle and protein synthesis. It also stimulates fat breakdown process called lipolysis. The study suggests that growth hormones generally rise at night and lack of sleep reduces the process. Research shows that sleeping for four to five hours only at night can lead to obesity.

Poor sleep can also lead to...

Studies suggest that sleep deprivation can increase your appetite and as a result, make you eat more food than you are supposed to when trying to lose weight. Having sound sleep at night can also help you fight cravings and resist tempting foods. It can also help you to take fewer calories. Most important of all sleep deprivation can make you feel tired, as a result, you will feel less motivated to exercise.

The bottom line

Poor sleep can alter the way your body responds to food. So if you want to lose weight effectively, along with the right food and exercise, try to get quality sleep.

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