March 15, 2018

''We appreciate President Buhari’s visit but we didn't get any hope'' Benue state government says(video)

The Benue state government says it appreciates President Buhari's sympathy visit to the state on Monday March 12th, however they did not get any hope from his visit. 

Special Adviser to the state governor, Samuel Ortom on Media and ICT, Tahaz Agerzua, disclosed the position of the state when he appeared on Channels Television today March 15th.
We appreciate the visit, but we didn’t get any hope. In Benue State, the President did not condole with us. We appreciate that he was able to take his time and come and sit down for several hours to listen to the stakeholders, but he did not sympathise with the families.
What we expected from the President was to give us assurance that the invaders would be chased out; there are presently 170,000 displaced people in eight counts across the state, that is a huge humanitarian crisis.
We thought that there would be some word of chasing these people so that the displaced can return to their houses'' he said

Watch a video of him speak during the interview below

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