March 19, 2018

Blue Ivy's emotional letter to her paternal grandmother and her mother Beyonce is the most beautiful thing on the internet today

Blue Ivy
5-year-old Blue Ivy wrote a very beautiful letter to her grandmother (Jay-Z's mum) and to her mother Beyonce.
As you read, it's easy to see that the words came from the heart and that makes the letters all the more beautiful.

In the letter to Jay-Z's mum, she thanked Gloria Carter for giving her her daddy Jay-Z. Then in the letter to Beyonce, she thanked her mother for giving her her brother and sister. She also thanked her for loving her and her daddy.

The letter was Blue Ivy's way of congratulating Beyonce and Gloria Carer on receiving the 2018 WACO Theatre Humanitarian Award at the Wearable Art Gala.
Read the beautiful letters below.

Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy

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