March 15, 2018

Air hostess falls off a plane in Uganda

Air hostess falls off a plane in Uganda
An air hostess is seriously injured after falling from an Emirates aircraft's emergency exit in Uganda.  

The woman was rushed to the hospital from Entebbe International Airport, near the capital Kampala, after falling from the doorway on Wednesday Marach 14th. The Boeing 777 had landed shortly before, and was preparing to welcome passengers on board before departing for Dubai.  

The circumstances surrounding the fall is currently being investigated, with conflicting reports emerging about the incident.

However, the Dubai-based airline has confirmed the fall, telling the Khaleej Times: "we can confirm that a member of our cabin crew unfortunately fell off from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding on flight EK729 from Entebbe on 14 March. The injured crew member was brought to the nearest hospital.  We are providing all possible support and care for the affected crew, and will extend our full co-operation to the authorities in their investigation."

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