May 19, 2017

Photos: Baby found thrown in trash; teenage mother claims she didn't know she was pregnant

Police in Marerng district of Korat, Thailand have found the mother of a baby found thrown in the trash outside some lodgings at an industrial estate on Tuesday, May 16th.
She is a 17 year old student trainee at a factory in the Suranaree Industrial estate. The fetus believed to be about 7-8 months was found dead but fully formed and wrapped in a student's shirt.

The mother said that she was unaware that she was pregnant. According to her, her friends started teasing her that she was getting fat and so two months ago she started taking slimming tablets.
On Tuesday morning she had what she thought were stomach pains and went to the toilet. There she gave birth alone to the stillborn fetus.
In a panic she said she wrapped her child - a girl - in a shirt and threw her in the rubbish bin outside her room. She is currently in hospital after suffering internal bleeding. 
Police said they would wait until she recovers before interviewing her further. They will then decide the appropriate action to take.

More photos below...

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