May 04, 2017

Despite having a girlfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps checking out weather forecaster, Sol Perez

By now everyone already knows football star, Cristiano Ronaldo has a girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, but despite having Georgina, Ronaldo keeps checking out popular TVC weather forecaster, Sol Perez.
Portuguese tabloid, Correio da manha, few weeks ago ran a report that the footballer, 32, has been checking Sol Perez out on social media, and now it has being reported by big western publication- the fame, resulting in Sol amassing 1million followers on Instagram.
Sol uploaded a video thanking her followers for getting her to the 1 million mark and then Cristiano Ronaldo liked some of her pictures and viewed her Instagram live video and the weather girl, 23, same age as Georgina, Ronaldo's girlfriend, couldn't hide her happiness at Ronaldo 'checking her out'.
After her live broadcast, Sol Perez posted on Twitter  “Cristiano Ronaldo saw me live. I died…”
Ronaldo, as usual, when linked to affairs with different girls hasn't responded to any of the reports/claims as he prepares his team for a must win Saturday La liga clash with Granada  ...
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