May 17, 2017

Cromartie’s wife announces she’s pregnant with his 14th child, making it the third child since he has had a vasectomy

Former Jets star, Antonio Cromartie and his wife, Terricka Cromartie, are expecting their 6th child together, but Antonio's fourteenth child. This will be their third child after he said he had a vasectomy in 2011. He had a set of twins on May 8th 2016, now his wife is 6 months pregnant with another child since the procedure.

The free Agent NFL cornerback player got a vasectomy when his wife was pregnant with his 11th child.

“I really thought I was dreaming . . . I was just in total disbelief,” Terricka told US Weekly at the time she was pregnant with the twin babies last year.
On Sunday, which was Mother's Day in the US, Terricka Cromartie announced on Instagram that she’s expecting their sixth child.
Though some think it might be a joke because of her  #bowwowchallenge hashtag, she is really pregnant.

She posted another photo of herself some hours ago to confirm that she is truly pregnant with her 6th child.

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