March 16, 2017

Islamic clerics in India issues fatwa against teenage Bollywood star after she sang anti-sharia songs in public

16yr old Nahid Afrin who was runner-up in Indian Idol junior in 2015 has found herself in the eye of a storm after about 46 Islamic clerics came together to issue a fatwa against her. Her offence? Singing 'anti-sharia' songs in public.

Clerics from the northeastern Indian state of Assam served the religious ruling against the teenager after she performed songs in Arabic, with locals claiming that the clerics were displeased with the 'anti-ISIS' lyrics.

 Part of the fatwa read:
 'If anti-Sharia acts like musical nights are held on grounds surrounded by masjids [mosques], idgahs [places of public prayer], madrassas and graveyards, our future generations will attract the wrath of Allah.' The teen says the affair has left her 'speechless'. She said: 'I was shocked and broken from inside at first. But, many Muslim singers gave me inspiration to not quit music.  
'I will never do so. My singing is a gift of God I believe it must be properly utilised - not doing so is ignoring God'. The Indian public has come out in an overwhelming show of support for the teenage rising star. 

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