November 13, 2016

Tanzania Govt uncovers over 65, 000 ghost students in Primary and Secondary School

The government of Tanzania has uncovered a size-able figure of 65,198 ghost students in Primary and secondary schools in the country, saving the government about 931.3M of Tanzanian shilling, that would have been allocated for the phantom students of 2016/17 fiscal year.

This comes after reports showed that there were 9,746,534 pupils in primary schools and 1,483,872 students in secondary schools, but after a verification exercise was conducted in September, this year, it was discovered that there were 9,690,038 pupils in primary schools and 1,429,314 in secondary schools. According to George Simbachawene, the Minister of State for Regional Administration and Local government in a statement said,  the verification exercise which was conducted in all regions after a directive was issued from the President’s office whisked out 52, 783 in primary schools and 12, 415 from secondary schools out of 65,198 non-existing students.

Meanwhile, the minister who admitted it was a framed work didn’t state if any action will be taken regards the 65,198 ghost students that were framed in the school registers, which would have cost the government about 931.3M of Tanzanian shilling.

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