July 25, 2019

Love struck couple OJ and Sandra showcase deep affection in stunning pre-wedding shoot supported by Carlo Rossi

Sandra and OJ’s love is a tale of fire & ice, contrasting images that complement each other. Here’s a True Love Story:

How they met - By Sandra (the bride-to- be)
“We met on a special day 21st October 2012 which was my birthday, I had a party that day at my house and OJ attended with one of his friends. We were introduced and we became best of friends, on the 21st October 2015 another special birthday, “HE PROPOSED” and here I am getting married to my best friend on another gracious birthday of mine”. (21st October 2016).

21.21.21 our lucky number; I’m a home girl and also an independent woman, I remember my family and friends always asking me, how will you find a man if you don’t hang out with friends or attend parties and have fun like a single lady, and I will always say love finds you anywhere #smiles ‘I WAS RIGHT’ my love found me at home.

By OJ (The groom-to- be)
The Big Achievable Dreams (B.A.D.) MUSIC executive tells his side of the story. “Our story started on a normal beautiful day, my friend Jerry called me about a friend who was having a birthday party.

We got to the party and he introduced Sandra to me as his friend and the celebrant, we shared pleasantries and settled into the party. As we were about to leave, Sandra asked to have a closer look at our wrist watches, Jerry and I took off our wrist watches and handed it over to her, then she said that’s her birthday gift. we both begged, the condition to get our wrist watches back was to stay till the next day, ever since then we became best of friends till date and FOREVER!!!”

Pre-wedding Pictures (Carlo Rossi Supports)
We had a couple of ideas and concepts for our pre-wedding pictures and at the end we were able to come up with some lovely concepts and the pictures turned out very beautiful, we did persist to at least achieve one of our previous concept which was both of us drinking wine, we drink together all the time, so we wanted to have something signifies that ‘A Couple that Drinks Together, Stays Together’.

Our favourite choice of wine is Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White Wine, so we decided to
use it for our pre-wedding pictures, the pictures generated a lot of traffic and engagements
on social media and the Big Achievable Dreams (B.A.D.) MUSIC Vice-president decided to share it with the Carlo Rossi Facebook handle. The response was amazing and Carlo Rossi decided to endorse the union by providing cartons of their favourite wine on their special day; a fitting gesture of love that the classy couple will never forget.

You can check-out more amazing pictures and love stories about Sandra & O.J on their wedding website: www.ojlovesandra.com


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