October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: 'He's Putin's puppet' Donald Trump fires back - “You're the puppet'

Donald Trump on Wednesday night during the U.S Presidential debate in Las Vegas reiterated that he had never met Russia's president Vladmir Putin and that they weren't friends, suggesting Hillary Clinton didn't like Putin because he outsmarted her and U.S President Barack Obama. 
Donald Trump said Putin had no respect for Hillary Clinton to which she responded by saying Putin would rather have a "puppet" as president of the United States.
'He has no respect for her, he has no respect for our president, and i'll tell you what, we are in very serious trouble because we have a country with tremendous amount of nuclear warheads, 1800 by the way. They expanded and we didn't . '1800 nuclear warheads! 'The Putin i see has no respect for this person (he says pointing at Clinton)
To which Clinton responds 'Well that's because he'll (Putin) rather have a puppet as president' Trump Interjects her 'No puppet, no puppet, you are the puppet'
Clinton continued : 'He won't admit but Russia has engaged in cyber attacks against our country, 'Russian govt has engaged in espionage in America. They are willing to spout the Putin line, you get help from him because he has a clear favorite in this race' This has come from the highest levels from Russia.'
 'Clearly, from Putin himself. He’d (Donald) rather believe Vladimir Putin than the country’s security agencies and intelligence' to which Trump replied: 'I’ve never met Putin, this isn’t my best friend. Putin has outsmarted Obama and her (Hillary) at every single step on the way'
Talking about borders and immigration plans, Clinton said she wanted open borders to which Trump rejected saying Clinton actually wanted a wall when she was a senator but couldn't do anything that's why the wall was never built.
Clinton said  ‘My dream is a hemispheric common market with open borders’ We will have secure borders but we will also have reforms. I think we are both a nation of immigrants and nation of laws.
Trump then said 'My comprehensive immigration plan, of course, includes border security. I’m introducing a comprehensive immigration reform within the first 100 days.'
 'Hillary Clinton wanted the wall. But she never gets anything done, so the wall was never built. We need to have strong borders. It’s the first time border security forces have endorsed a presidential candidate. 'We have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.'

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