October 19, 2016

"A doctor's apponitment was an everyday medication" 24-yr-old Nigerian lady shares her domestic violence story

A Nigerian Instagram user Mizez_dantata (@damisa_edwards), today, shared her experience with domestic violence, in hopes that it would encourage other people who are suffering from it to speak up and walk out before it's too late. She suffered abuse from her aunt. She wrote;
"Two years ago I would get to work with tears in my eyes, pain in my heart and body, marks on my face and body. A doctor's appointment was an everyday medication. The doctors insisted I get my husband arrested (I wasn't even married). I wanted to leave, but I had nowhere to go. Was I going to live on the 3rd mainland bridge? So I endured all the pains of domestic violence from my aunt till I got punched in the eye which resulted to internal eye bleeding and a knife was pulled out to take my life away...
 'God was my strength' I had gone through this for five good years, I was 22 and couldn't get home a lil bit after 7pm without a slap to say me welcome, i couldn't even go on official trips without her fists coming out to play, I couldn't even have friends over I was still being beaten like a slave and a 2yr Old Child! I moved out with Nuin in my pocket, just my bestfriend and sister @teema_diva (little wonder why I love u so much) by my side and prayers. Hey I ain't dead but alive, might have been but I took a chance and a leap of faith, say NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, it's better late than never. I still have my scars but they only remind to be stronger whenever I feel like giving up. I CAN SPEAK BECAUSE I AINT DEAD. SEEK HELP IF YOU MUST, STOP SUFFERING IN SILENCE."

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