November 20, 2015

Airtel Weekend Data Plan - Get 1GB For Just N100

Recently on this category, I made a post on how to get free 2GB on your airtel sim without any form of tweaking which most of my fans enjoyed. Today I’m coming with another interesting one which will show you how to get Airtel 1GB data for just N100  

AIRTEL NG has introduced weekend favorable data plan. The Airtel weekend data plan gives subscribers the opportunity to subscribe to 1024MB (1GB) data for just N100! And the plan works for all devices ranging from Android Smartphones, iPhone/iPad, Laptops, BB10, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones; you just name it.

I think this should be a better plan to enjoy the weekend. 5 Gigabytes for N500 is it not okay for those who don't have liver of tweaking their device? Though I haven't confirmed it yet, maybe it can be renewable before the expire date, but if the Airtel network is good in your locality and you have better things to do with data bundle during the weekend, like watching live matches or movies, heavy downloading, upgrading/updating the system and Smartphones. You can look for 2 or 3 different Airtel SIMs to subscribe.

Without talking much, just follow the below instructions to activate yours:

To Subscribe For Airtel Weekend Bundle
·         Load N100 on your Airtel Sim
·         Dial *474*1# to subscribe
·         Dial *140# to check data.

The plan is designed mainly for weekends, meaning, if you subscribe on Friday, it expires on Sunday, and if you subscribe on Sunday, your plan won’t expire 11:59pm same Sunday, it expires on Saturday of the following week. Note that the plan will Start working from Saturday 11:59pm and it will stop/pending work on Sunday 11:59pm)

Note: This is the best plan ever, but the worst part of it, not all Airtel SIMs are supported. In some Sims, you may receive a message that - you are not qualified for the offer.
I wish you the best of luck with your Airtel Sim for this cheapest plan. Make sure you first of all dial the code before you load the money to know if your sim is eligible or not.


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