November 22, 2015

Airtel 1GB for N100 - Hints To Get The Supported SIMs

Recently on this category, I made a post about the Airtel weekend plan which most of my fans enjoyed and some are complaining that it’s not working for their sims. Today I will give you a hint to get yours working as others.

It is always annoying seeing someone close to you paying less and enjoying better browsing during the weekend, while you are paying higher before you can enjoy better surfing. The Airtel weekend plan is one of the best plan ever and every internet surfer need to flex with it. But the plan was limited to the small number of Airtel SIMs, which cause headache for lost people who are not yet enjoying the plan. I have 7 Airtel SIMs before the plan show-up, when I tested my SIMs, none of them works for the plan.

How Delsublog Got 5 different Airtel Weekend Supported SIMs
I went to a junction close to my area where Airtel Sim sellers are many there. I told 2 of Airtel SIMs seller there that I'm looking for Airtel Sim that will give me access to use the Airtel weekend plan. I ask for the permission of testing their selling SIMs and my permission was granted.

We started putting those SIMs on phone for testing, by dialing *474*1#. We tested like 15 different SIMs before we detect one supported Sim. It was there I discovered how the kit of Airtel compatible SIMs looks like. I went home with 5 different Airtel SIMs that support weekend plan and I wasn't stressed again before I got the rest 4 supported SIMs, since I have recognized the kit of supported SIMs among the rest.

There are many types of Airtel SIMs on the market that are available for sale. See the sample of them below.

Below are the Sim kit pictures of the one that work best.
First Side

Second Side(Important to Note)

At its first side, "Smart Connect" was boldly written there, and it was designed with white color, see the above image for proper recognition.

At its second side, almost full with Airtel Red color, white color at the bottom, and white tinny color at its vertical left side.

How to Test the SIMs
1. Whether registered or non registered Sim. Just put it in any phone.
2. Dial *474*1#

If it is supported sim,  you will see a message like insufficient balance to activate the plan.
If not, you will see a message that - You are not qualified for this offer.

Note: Not all sellers will allow testing before buying the SIM. Just make sure it is Smart Connect new SIM and take note of that tinny white color in vertical, it's very necessary. The one with that tinny with color in vertical work best.

The Airtel Weekend plan is the best ever plan and everybody have to benefit from it.


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