July 29, 2015

2 Apps to Power-Up Your Android SimpleServer To Work With All Messengers/Browsers

Most of my readers are bitterly complaining about the unlimited surfing via SimpleServer VPN that refused to power up most of their favorite messengers/browsing application. PC users have no much problem with SimpleServer, once you input and port 8080 in any of your system browser connection setting, then you are good to go! But for Android users, some Messengers like Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, 2GO, Viber, Badoo, Instagram, Twitter and others are refused to connect with SimpleServer.apk, while some users are even denied to access Google Play Store with SimpleServer. Below are the simple tweak to overcome those problem. Just keep reading...

Before we proceed I assumed that you have an active subscription of MTN BBLITED of N70 or MTN BBMIDID of N100 or Etisalat ChatPak of N150 which you are using on your Android device via SimpleServer.
Today, I'm going to show you two different app: AutoProxy and ProxyDroid. Each of them can be use to power up all your Android favorite browsing apps via SimpleServer vpn.

Note: Your Android device must be rooted before you can enjoying AutoProxy or ProxyDroid, because both of them will require root access from your phone before they can function.

 SimpleServer  Configuration Settings for AutoProxy
=> First of all, download AutoProxy.apk here.
=> Install and launch the AutoProxy you downloaded and tap on the Plus Sign (+) at the top right corner of the App interface, it will reveal the default settings for the Proxy Host, Proxy Port and Host type.
=> Tap on the Proxy Host and enter this IP: then press OK.
=> Tap on the Proxy Port and enter PORT: 8080 then press OK.
=> Now tap the Proxy Type and select HTTP.
=> Go back to the AutoProxy homepage and you will see the HTTP icon as the only icon located at the top left corner of the white page homepage.
=> To connect the AutoProxy, you will need to connect your SimpleServer  first. So start up your SimpleServer  and then come back and connect your AutoProxy app from the homepage.

Your entire Android app will now be powered to access the internet via SimpleServer!

SimpleServer  Configuration Settings for ProxyDroid.
=> First of all, download ProxyDroid.apk here.
=> Launch your ProxyDroid after you must have downloaded it to your phone.
=> Then enter these IP in the Proxy Host and then for Port, enter 8080
=> Now, look up and Switch ON the ProxyDroid, but remember to connect your SimpleServer  first, then come back to ProxyDroid and tap on Switch OFF to switch it ON and you can now minimize it.
=> Launch any application on your Android device and it should connect perfectly.

You are also free to access Google Play Store with any of these applications via SimpleServer.

Note: You are required to choose any one you like out of the both apps, don't use the both app at the same time.

Enjoy ###

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