June 22, 2015

How To Download Adsense Payments Data

Late last week, I received a mail from google that they will be shutting down the old payments platform completely by the end of this month as part of a change I made to my google adsense account by upgrading to the new AdSense payments platform last year.

What this simply means is that by June 30, 2015, your payments data prior to the upgrade date (February-2014 in my own case) will no longer be available.

So, Google recommends that you download your data and save a copy in case you need it in the future, e.g., for tax purposes.

Please follow the below steps  to download your old payments data:

    ==> Sign in to your AdSense account.
    ==> Click the gear icon and select Payments.
    ==> Scroll down to the "Previous payments" section at the bottom of the page.
    ==> Click "See your previous payments".

==> In the "Finalized earnings and payments" section, click Export to CSV.

==> If a download prompt appears, follow the instructions in the dialog, and click Save  and it will be downloaded as a CSV file.

NOTE: If you don't see the "See your previous payments" button, then you don't have any previous payments data on your old payments system to download.


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