June 13, 2015

How to add Google Ads to Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Hello Readers it’s been so long since I last made update on Google Adsense because of tight schedule. Today I am going to show you how to add google ads to blogger/blogspot blog.

Blogger provides a simple way for you to make money with your blog. AdSense is Google's content-targeted advertising program. Google's servers determine what your posts are about and display the most relevant ads to your readers. So, if you blog about mobile devices, there might be ads for phones or tablets next to your post. If you blog about health tips, there might be ads for health-related products.

You must add Google ads to your blog before visitors to your blog can start seeing the Google ads next to your posts. To enable AdSense for your blog, login to your Blogger dashboard and click on the Earnings tab from the drop-down menu on your dashboard.

If you haven't signed up for AdSense yet, click the link to create a new account.

You'll then fill out a form with your contact information, review the information you've provided, and then agree to terms and conditions.

Before ads start showing up, you'll have to wait for your account to be approved. You can control the ways the ads show up on your blog through the settings on the Earnings tab at anytime. You can choose whether to or not to show ads, and where on your blog to display those ads (sidebar and posts, just sidebar, or just posts).

To learn more about monetizing your blog with Google Adsense, check out  Adsense Tutorials.

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Do you have other ways to add google ads to blogger/blogspot blog?

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