May 18, 2015

PayPal Now Available for Nigerians! - The Key Facts You need to Know

Hello DB Readers, I know this is not new news but I decided to post it for those that do not still know about it. Paypal is a large payment gate way that has recently blacklisted Nigerians from using their services and now, they have currently updated that.

PayPal has now extended their service to Nigeria and 9 other countries. This includes 3 other African nations — Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe and five European markets — Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco and Montenegro, and also Paraguay. Am very happy to hear this! And a big kudos to those who opened the Petition of Bring PayPal to Nigeria a few months ago, who knows maybe it is as a result of their effort.

If you are an internet marketer or you are buying goods or paying for service online, I guess you will know how hard it is to carry out all these payment transactions since almost all the website you want to use for your transaction accept PayPal as their only means of payment. Lots of people have used some trick like changing IP or some proxy site to access their service and some them lost their hard earning cash to PayPal, due to the fact that PayPal have a very powerful IP detecting software that can track any country who are not accepted into their service. But now, a new innovation has arrived and there is no need to change the IP or use proxy sites to access PayPal anymore.

You can now register your account at and start making payments on millions of websites around the world without the worry of entering their credit or debit card details online.

You can now access PayPal here in Nigeria just like in other countries worldwide, but there are certain limitations in place for now, which you need to know.

» PayPal account holders in the newly enlisted countries can only send money for now. This means they can check out on merchant websites using PayPal and pay securely using their credit or debit cards without exposing their financial details. As PayPal claims, this is free for users and any charge would be covered by the merchant.
» At the moment, it is not possible to send money directly to other PayPal users and of course, you can’t receive payments directly to your PayPal account. Perhaps PayPal is trying to play safe and see how it goes before allowing users in these countries full access to their services but that is yet to be seen.
» While some embraced this as a welcome development with the hope the service would fully roll out for Nigerians in the nearest future, others are disappointed with the limitations.

Don't Channel Your Other Paypal Account Yet?

Many Nigerian Online Business owners and users from similar countries operate PayPal accounts outside their region and the thought of channeling that account might come to mind. If you’re a freelancer and work on Fiverr, Odesk and other similar sites, chances are that you have a foreign PayPal account operated through proxy or VPN. It’s not advisable to fully switch to your Nigerian PayPal account now since you can’t receive payments directly.
The service is still pretty crippled at this stage, but we only hope it gets better in time.

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