May 28, 2015

MTN Unlimited Free Night Browsing

Recently, I made a post on how to get MTN unlimited downloading/streaming with just N70 and I hope you enjoyed it. If you still don’t know about it, click the above link to see it.

I am here today with great news for those of you that love browsing and this time, it involves you browsing for free. I have been using this for some days now and I have decided to share it with my subscribers and readers for being there for me.

What you are about to see below will amaze you but I must confess that’s one of the moods you will be after you see this.

MTN has just introduced free night browsing. According to a message received by MTN, it is unlimited night free browsing, which can be used to download unlimited, live streaming or to update windows. See the message by MTN in the screenshot below:

“Free internet browsing all night long every day when you spend at least N200 during the day! Unlimited data available btw 1:00am - 5:00am. Only on MTN iPulse!” 

The message shows that it is necessary to be on iPulse before you can enjoy this MTN night free browsing.

To Migrate to iPulse

Simply dial *406#

Note that you must use up to N200 during the day before you can enjoy this unlimited night browsing/download between 1am – 5am.


What’s your say on this?

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