May 25, 2015

How To Activate Whatsapp Monthly Data Bundle on MTN For Free

Wow, I present to you this great news that comes handy to those that uses whatsapp. I know majority of us use whatsapp on a daily basis which makes me want to share my simple trick of how I use whatsapp monthly data bundle on MTN for free.

Whatsapp has been a great app since its existence and it has grown popularity within a short while of launching it. Whatsapp is cheap and easy to use if we have bundles/MB on our phones.

These bundles are sold to us by telecom companies and the prize varies by category of phones and validity period.

We know that all fingers are not equal and some can’t still afford the bundle offered by the telecom companies. So I came out with an alternative that fixes this problem. You no longer need to spend a dime on whatsapp chat ever again.

Without wasting time, follow the below step by step instructions and get your whatsapp rocking for free.

How Can I Activate Whatsapp Monthly Data Bundle on MTN For Free?

1.  In a text message, type “WAMS” and send to 131
2.  You will receive a respond via text message that “ Yellow, welcome to whatsapp monthly GoodBag. Expires 15/06/2015 12:25:35.
3. Then pick up your phone and start flexing whatsapp for free.
4. To check your balance, dial *559*2#

NOTE: This bundle is capped 60.00mb and its validity period is one month.


Do you have any other method you use to get whatsapp chat bundle for free?

Kindly let us know via the comment box below.

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