April 07, 2015

How To Make Free Whatsapp Call For All Blackberry and Windows Phone

Wow, whatsapp is now fulfilling their promise which they made in recent years of introducing the whatsapp application to the world. Some of you may remember when they say that they are going to introduce the free call on the app (whatsapp) very soon.

Today I am happy to tell you that, that promise has been fulfilled. You can now make free calls to your friends, family and loved ones using whatsapp.

I am enjoying this since last week and I also want to share the favour with you. If you have not been activated, then you are in a long thing.

Although blackberry users have been recently sidelined for a very long time without any updates from whatsapp but I am happy to tell you that that era is gone now.

How To Activate Whatsapp Call For All Blackberry and Windows Phone?

Follow the below procedure to activate whatsapp call for all blackberry and windows phone!!!

1. Get the latest version of whatsapp installed on your device. You can do this by going to blackberry app world.

2. Once your whatsapp is updated, drop your number using the comment section, so that our admins with active whatsapp call can pass a call across to you for activation.

NOTE: You can save credit by making use of whatsapp call regardless of the country where you are based, don’t waste any more airtime, let whatsapp call do the job.


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