April 08, 2015

How To Add Label Widget To Blogger Blog

Some of my subscribers after viewing a post on my blog are asking me how I am able to add the label to my blog. I promised them that I will post it live on my blog and I am fulfilling the promise now. Some of you may be confused what label widget is?

Anyway Labels widget displays list of the categories of posts. Creating labels helps to categorize the posts in groups. So it helps visitors to see the posts under a category.

Label widget have been in existence for some years now and I will testify that ever since I have it installed on my blog, my blog visitors have increased massively. You can add it to see for yourself.

Without wasting much time, follow the below step by step instruction to add label widget to your blog.

1. Login to your blog account at www.blogger.com
2. Click on the arrow on the blog that you want to add the label widget to as seen in the image below.

3. A drop down menu will appear, select Layout.
4. A new page will open similar to the one below. Click add a Gadget link, a pop up page will display showing all the list of available widget.

5. Just scroll down gently till you see Labels as seen in the below image. Click the plus sign.
6. Another pop-up window will open displaying the label widget as seen below, you can rename the title from label to any name of your choice.  Once you are satisfied with it, click the save button below the label widget and the widget will be added as the widget page automatically closes.
7. Then click save arrangement button at the right top of the layout page and view you blog to see it.

NOTE: You can re-position your label widget by dragging it to your desired location under same layout page.


My next post will be “how i customize labels widget with stylish cool effects

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