March 08, 2015

Important Things You Don’t Know About Verifying Your Google Adsense Account

Hello Readers, it’s been a long time since I updated you but I’m glad to be back. Today I came with something so special that you will love.

Google Adsense it’s the best PPC Advertising Company so far on the internet today and they seems to have a wider range of publishers other than any other in the market.

I have been earning on Google Adsense for some time now without verifying my account and just early last month, they sent me a message that “Your ad units are not displaying ads because you haven't yet verified your address (PIN). Click here to verify your address once you have received your PIN in the mail”.
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At first, I thought it was a joke but on seeing the message for more than two days I realize it was real and I was annoyed and frustrated and almost quit blogging. Reason is because I have requested for the adsense pin and it is yet to be delivered to me and anytime I called the post office they always say they haven’t received it. I contacted some of my friends and they offered me a solution that I should verify my google adsense account without pin, but when I tried it, it did not work for me. Then I realized my mistake.


1. I Over Waited Till My Time For Waiting For My Pin Verification Got Expired : Adsense on a normal note usually gives you 6 months to request for your pin and activate your account. I never took note of this. I requested my first PIN at October 2014 and since then I never requested again thinking that my pin will arrive before the year ends. My advice to you on this is, you should make sure you re-request for new pins when you have waited up to 3-4 weeks from the day you made your first request.

2. I Tried Verifying My Google Adsense Account Without Pin In Just 4 days Of My Second Pin Request: Google Adsense gives you the ability to verify your google adsense account without pin if you have used all three pin request and your pin in the mail has not yet reached you. So many of my friends have used this same method in the past to verify their adsense account but when I tried it recently, I found out that google has disable this feature for both first and second pin request holder. When I tried it, I was not taken to the form page where I will fill my details rather I was taken to google adsense home page. I never knew that google adsenes has done a strict update towards that. Please don’t try to verify your adsense account without pin if you are on your first or second request of your adsense pin in the mail else you might just be wasting your time.

3. Don’t Wait Until Four Weeks On Your Third Request Before You Fill The Adsense Verification Form: Once you are on your third request, google adsense will automatically display a customized message where you can easily access the verification form, fill your details and get your account verified. You will be shown a message by google that you should wait for at least four weeks, don’t be confused just go ahead and fill the form because so many people including me did not wait for that. I did mine within 24 hours.

Please take note of the above mistake and make sure you don’t fall victim to them like me. Happy blogging and I hope to see you at the top.

My next post will be “how to verify google adsense account without pin

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