March 12, 2015

How to Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin

Google Adsense Pin Verification has been a major problem to bloggers and web designers. Requesting for the Pin is easy as a,b,c but getting it to reach you, is where the problem lies. Some time it takes a whole lot of time to receive it while some time it takes forever and you still don’t get it. Read more about this here .

It can be really frustrating for newbie’s and pro blogger but there is a second option. I stumbled upon this method some months back while facing this problem and I have decided to share for the benefit of those facing it now.

This very method usually takes google adsense team less than 24hours to tackle. You can be re-assured that after this, what you will be expecting next is your pay from google adsense. If your have been disabled from serving ads to your site, this very process will get you re-enabled. Without wasting much time let’s move to the topic of the day.
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How Can I Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin?

Make sure you have one of this documents ready…

* National ID Card
*Electricity Bill
*Driving License

Follow the below instructions to get your google adsense account verified:

1. Login to your Google Adsense Account.
2. Now click on the Notification Option in your Google Adsense Account
3. Click This Form found at the button of the page.

4. Now fill the form accordingly

5. Click on Submit

And you will be shown a message similar to the one below.

After you submit your Application, Google Adsense Team Sends you Mail in 2-3 days. Although I received mine in less than 6 hours. The mail is similar to the one below.

You Google Adsense Account is now Verified.


My next post will be “How to find your adsense publisher ID

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Admin Of Site said...

Thanks very simple and nice, also you are using more than 3 ads on a page which is against adsense policy, checkout

George Emmanuel said...

Thanks for letting us know it worked for you. For the ads aspect, it has been fixed. Thanks for notifying us.

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