February 05, 2015

FREE CREDIT CHEAT: How To Get N3869.60 Airtime On Airtel Nigeria

Recently I made a post on Airtel showing you how to get 200mb for free which is still blazing up till now. If you missed it, you can check it here.
Today I will be showing something hot like never before, I have been using this for some time now until I have a second thought to share it with my subscribers.

You may be wondering how to go about this?

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I too did not believe this until i tested it and it works for me.

From my research, it works on all airtel sims.

Note this is not a promo from Airtel Nigeria...

It's a trick.

For long usage of this trick, ensure 100% privacy. Also note that as the time of posting this updates, the tricks above is confirmed working! And it can be block unaware by your Internet Service provider.

Now to get it done!


1. Airtel Nigeria Sim

2. Minimum of N100 airtime {but wont be deducted}

3. follow the steps below to grab N3,869.60 airtime on Airtel Nigeria Network.

Step 1. Dail *447# and you will get a message which will be in this form


Note: You may get an error message repeatedly i.e system busy...but keep trying until you get it done!

And have this in mind many users are trying this at the same time.

Step 2. Call any airtel line for at-least 60 seconds then end the call

Now dail *446# and ignore any response you get thereafter

Step 3. Finally dial *123*9# to check your bonus airtime.

You will get this that you have been given N3869.60 bonus to call any airtel Nigeria line.

Enjoy ##
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Unknown said...

A good idea thanks i dialed the code but it says " invalid service code " what should i do

George Emmanuel said...

The Code may not be working anymore or you did not dial it properly. I will check it out and update you the solution as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know your challenge.

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