October 19, 2014

How To Make your Father Pay for your Glo Subscription

Recently, I made a post on Glo Best Blackberry Plan and I hope you enjoyed it while it last. Glo has been coming up with different service for some time and this very one grab my attention.

Glo now let’s your father, mother, brother, sister, or friend pay for your subscription whenever the need arises.

Since I get to know about this service from Globacom Telecom Comapany, browsing has been very possible to me even if I had not any airtime on my phone.

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Read down because, I will be showing you how i made this work for me.

Follow the below instruction to get you started:

1. Pick up your fathers phone, if he is around the phone just tell him you want to send a message with his phone.

2. Goto your message, type Gift space Instant space Surf space Your Mobile Number, and send to 127. E.g Gift Instant Surf 08078382284. Send this to 127.

3. You should receive an sms message that “you have received an instant surf subscription”.

4. At this time, you can start browsing with it.


What’s your say on this?

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Note: This is not a free browsing cheat or unlimited browsing cheat, it’s just a service from Glo. Although we will update you with free browsing cheat when we have any at our disposal.

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