October 18, 2014

How To Flash Or Reset Your Symbian (s60) Phones

Good day readers, you may agree with me that people still face this problem of their Symbian Phone hanging on them whenever they have use it for some time. The cause of this is usually some virus and an incompatible application that is been installed in the phone.

I am faced this same problem some time ago and it’s been hell with my phone then because I’m not able to utilize it properly as I were when I first purchased it. Though its fixed now.

Recently, a subscriber complained to me about this same problem and I decided to share it here. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to the business of today.

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There Are Basically Two Methods Of Resetting Your Symbian Phone

1. HARD RESET: This is done by switching off your phone then press and hold the following buttons down
(green call button, 3 button, and * button) then switch on the phone. in some phones it will show formatting then select language but in some phones it will just show blank till it show you select language
select the language and the phone will startup!

2.SOFT RESET: Normally this is applicable in nokia sv3 because the hard reset dose not really work for phones like these nokia E65,E71,E63,E90 and the latest nokia phones with symbian software. This is what you just have to do input the below code in the phone *#7370# and enter your phone security code then it will restart and your phone will go back to normal.


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