July 01, 2014


Recently I made a post on how to borrow Airtime credit on Glo Nigeria and I know you all enjoyed it. Today I will be showing you all how you can register for Glo Backup.

Glo Backup is specifically for Glo Sims and it enables us to have a copy of our contacts stored on the Glo Database. Glo Backup has been a helping hand to me and my friends in restoring back our lost contacts. If this is not your habit, I bet you make it one today and you will not regret doing it.


Why do I need to register for glo backup?

If this is your next question “Why do I need to register for Glo Backup” and this “this ain’t important” your next thought, then you are getting it all wrong because it is 100 percent important. Outline below is the reason why you should backup your Glo Sim.

1  .       It stores your contact and restore it whenever the need arises.
2  .       It stores your sms messages for you on a database and restores it when you need it.
3  .       It saves time and energy because it is automatic, unlike you doing it manually with a pen and sheet.

How can I register for glo backup?

You can register for Glo Backup if you follow the simple instructions below:

Method 1

1  .  Call Glo Customer care on [121 “usually takes up to 15-20 minutes to answer”] and request for Glo Backup account.
2  . They will activate it and send you a user name “your phone number” and a password to access it      online at any point in time via http://www.gloworld.com/gh/vas/glo-backup 
3  . Glo will also notify you to backup your sim whenever there is a new activity on it.

Method 2
1  .       Go to "Glo services" on your phone menu,
2  .       Then Click Glo Back Up and choose the option of your choice.


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