July 18, 2014


Recently payoneer sent me a mail notifying me of their ongoing promo. The promo is tagged “Send us a US Payment Request and receive $100”.

As we all know, payoneer is one of the leading payment gateway company in the world with good customer care interactions and company creditability.

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If you are a member of payoneer, you might have noticed the mail in your inbox but if you haven’t, rush to your email now and check it thoroughly.

Payoneer is currently running a promo that will pay 12 persons each $100 which is $1200 in total. The 12 winners will be announced on payoneers website and blog by July 31, 2014.

Am I Still Eligible for the Promo?

You are very much eligible for this promo. The promo is open to all payoneer members from 06-31 July, 2014. If you have not yet submitted your request rush down to your mail and do so now or goto Payoneer’s My Account page, click on US Payment Service Request page, and fill in the relevant details after which you will click the requested button for the $100 promo.

You may also like to see the terms and conditions that is applied to the promo, so as not to ruin your chance of being one of the winner.

NOTE: If you want to be a partaker of this promo and you are not yet a registered member of payoneer, goto how to get a US bank account and register your account.


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