April 24, 2020

How to Get Free 700MB to Your MTN Sim on a Daily Basis

Hello DB Readers, I stumble upon this great tweak recently and wish to share with you while it last. I know you have been waiting for this on the long run. I won’t say much though but I guarantee you that this is working fine.
Without wasting time, Follow the Below Procedure to get free 700MB  to your Mtn Sim.

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Simply dial *662*6# and subscribe for all the plan you see there i.e from Jumia to easy taxy (monthly trial) each monthly trial you subscribe to gives you 100mb and they are 7 in numbers...giving you 700MB in total 
That 700mb was customized to work with this site www.jumia.com.ng only.
Meaning that aside of the above site, it won’t work but don't mind them.

To Make it Work on All Websites on Android Devices
» If you already have Simple server, open it or download it here

Open it and Configure it as follow:
» Listen port='8080'
» Proxy Host=''
» Proxy Port='8080'
» Enable Proxy='YES'
» Injection Method='GET'
» Injection Query='http://jumia.com.ng'
» Injection Host='jumia.com.ng/home.php'
» Injection line='4'
» Enable Injection='YES'
 » Buffer Size='8092'
 » Log Level='DEBUG'

Set Your APN to web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Proxy: Port:8080
It should powers all your apps with that setting.
That is all.

Alternatively, you may download openvpn here and configure file here
Open it and replace anywhere you see 0.facebook.com  or blackberry.com with jumia.com
For PC users
» Download SimpleServer.zip here;
» Extract it to a new folder on your Desktop background 
» Double click it and open SimplerServer.ini with Notepad
» Replace anywhere you see 0.facebook.com with jumia.com and click save.

Configure Your Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini as follows;» IP:        PORT:  8080 
» Tick "Use proxy server for all protocols" if you want it to open all secured sites.

For Symbian Phone Users
Download SimpleServer.sis here and give it a trial with d abv setting.

Note: You can only get 700mb on a Sim per day, so if you exhaust your daily 700mb, you have to wait for another 24hrs before repeating the same process or get another sim to keep rolling.

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