July 12, 2014


The Federal Government has since set up registration centers across all the states of the Federation for every citizens that have attained the rightful age of 16 to go and register for the new National Identity Card, a project taking place under the umbrella of National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

Statistic have it that out of over 120million eligible Nigerians, 70% are yet to register and countless others that have registered are yet to receive the original copy of their National Identity Card. Again many don’t know where the NIMC centers are in their location. It is important to enroll first and join the queue of those waiting for the original copy to come out than not registering at all.
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It is with these views that we now decided to take the burden upon ourselves to provide a clear cut way on how you can go about your registration processes without stress.

What is the Importance of the National Identity Card?

As a citizen of the country that have attained the rightful age, it is important that you are able to be identified with your National Identity Card both at home and abroad. Again you can also see the important roles your National Identity Card plays when trying to open a new bank account or carry out some form of bank transactions, registrations and application on both online and offline jobs or other forms of official applications.

Rumor making the round is that the new national identity card will remain a permanent card that might likely also replace the voters’ card.

Again, there was a period that the National Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) were recruiting and they called for aptitude test, we were informed that only those with their new national identity card were allowed to take the exam under strict supervision.

How Can I register For the National Identity card?

1  .    It is important to know the location(s) of the NIMC setup centers for your present location. Go here to see all the centers and locate yours.
2  .    To avoid delays at the centers, it is important you start up the pre-registration online yourself by signing up at ninenrol and completing the 11 steps demographic form and you should print out the last step which is your successful completed  pre-registration form and it contains your barcode. Note; you should complete all 11 steps of your demographics in capital letters.
3  .    Next is for you to take your completed pre-registration print out (barcode) together with any of the following original form of identification; just one will be OK, a driver’s license or your old national identity card or your voter’s card, or your LGA identification(state of Origin). I repeat just any one will be OK and All must be Original Copy.
4  .    When you get to the NIMC enrolment center, present your print out together with any of the above method of identification for your bio data capture; your height will be measured at that point in cm, they will retrieve your pre-registration data with the print out (barcode) you presented and they will scan any of the original document or method that you used for identification and give it back to you, your finger prints and face capture will be taken and you will be asked to sign
5  .    After that, you will be asked to wait and collect your 2 temporal national identity slips. Normally when you are issued with the 2 slips, your original national identity card should be due for collection in the next 2 months, but as situations might have it, you might not receive it within that 2 months period but have to wait further for more months for your card to be due for collection.

So if you have not registered, this is a reminder and an opportunity for you to do so from now till the end of this year, as failure to do so might lead to a very tedious method of registration thereafter because maybe by next year the enrollment centers will cease to exists and you then have to go through rigorous processes if you must register. Act Now.

Note: Those that live in Delta State, should take their pre-enrollment slip to Osubi Airport Effurun, Warri. Walk straight inside and ask any of the Military Men there and they will direct you where to go.

Don’t make the mistake to go there without registering online cos you will have to wait for long before they will attend to you. I was attended to earlier enough because i registered online.

Normally forms are being given to you to fill at the registration center for (your offline registration) but this usually is a time consumer because it is far more slower compared to those with oinline registration


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