July 24, 2019


Hello readers, welcome to my blog. Today I will be showing you how to makemoney by just signing up for a US Bank Account. This is one of the simplest way so far to make money online as far as the internet is concerned. Imagine you will earn $25 all for grabs when you sign up.

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What is the Benefit of Me Owning a US Bank Account?

The benefit is enormous but I will list few of them. Outlined below are some of the benefits.

1.      It makes paying for goods and services outside your country easier.
2.      It enhances flexible transactions between buyers and sellers.
3.      It’s a Global way of making payment.
4.      With this, you can withdraw your money regardless of anywhere you find your self in the world.
5.      It earns you $25 when you signed up.

How Can I Get a US Bank Account?

You can get a US Bank Account by just following the simple instructions below:

1.      Click Here and sign up with your real information.
2.      Below is a Screenshot of the sign up form.
3.      After filling your information, click next until you are in the third place, fill all and after that, click submit.
4.      You will be ask to check your email and confirm your account. So make sure you use a valid email.
5.      Now your account is created.
6.      You will get an email from them that “your details are now being reviewed for your account approval”.
7.      Continue checking your email till you get another mail from them “usually takes up to 2-3 days” to arrive. Below is a screenshot of the message.
Scan the document (driver license or National ID Card) you used in registering and send to them. After some days, they will send you another mail that your account has been approved. They will also tell you when to expect your master card. So make sure you input the right address/zip code when filling your form.


NOTE: A friend of mine has been using this to bank $1000 to his Account every month. I will show you how he did it in my next post(how to bank $1000 every month with your US Bank Account). Subscribe Now to our feed so you won’t miss it.

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