December 10, 2019

Cheap MTN GLO Etisalat Airtel Data Plans for Android Devices

Yesterday, One of my subscribers ask me of a cheaper plan for his android phone with massive complain that he’s wasting a lot of funds since he bought his phone. I decided to let my readers know of it after offering him solution.

So readers, without wasting much time let’s move on to what brought us here.
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Follow the simple instructions that you will find below:

MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel Data Plans Suitable for Androids

1. MTN Nigeria: No doubt MTN is the big boy in this game and I must confess there services are way more better and coverage is great, if you have MTN HSDPA service in your neighborhood then you have nothing to worry about concerning speed, all your concern should be the cost of the plan, EDGE service from MTN still okay on mobile devices.
  • N2500 for 4.5GB for 30days dial *102# (MTN night plan)
  • N1300 for 325MB for 30days dial *109#
  • N2000 for 750MB for 30days dial *110#
***The MTN Night Plan (Recommended)***

2. Globacom Nigeria: Glo is an indigenous telecommunications company, it has a wide coverage with superb internet speed, most areas it covers has 3G services, and as an indigenous company we all have expected to see them slash down data plan costs,  but seems to be one of the most expensive out there.
  • N1000 for 350MB for 30days dial *127*53#
  • N2000 for 800MB for 30days dial *127*55#
***N2000 for 800MB (Recommended)***

3. Etisalat: Etisalat is a UAE based telecommunications service provider, currently in 18 countries, there services in Nigeria is a bit good, as most people who use data plan from this company will confess the speed they offer is incomparable with its counterparts, even if you have EDGE service you might still be able to get top speed almost comparable to 3G speed from other service providers.
  • N1000 for 200MB dial *229*2*1#
***Costly (Not Recommended)***

Note: The Etisalat BIS has stopped working on non blackberry devices so don’t waste your money

4. Airtel Nigeria: Airtel Nigeria has always being the one with a bit more flexible data plans and they seems not to be too hash with their policies, coverage is wide, not sure but I think they have 3.75G data services everywhere you find them, internet speed can be annoying at times and other times you get a good speed
  • Airtel BIS on all devices, cost N1500 and you can get 2GB or 4GB if lucky Dial *440*16# to Activate. ***(Recommended)***
Note: The first think to consider when making a data plan choice is research how good a particular network is in your neighborhood, this is very important, for example if Airtel Nigeria decides to sell 1Gb of data for 100Naira and all you have is EDGE in your area for Airtel , then you will just waste your 100 Naira because you will not be able to do anything with it. EDGE is already yesterday’s technology and even it is important to know the speed of 3G/WCDMA/UMTS/HSDPA in your area if you have one, because some are as bad as EDGE.


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