June 26, 2014


Muscle pull has been one great challenge that so many people face in a daily basis. It is not tagged as disease or sickness, but rather it is a damage to a muscle or its attaching tendons.

Muscle pull can be prevented depending on how serious you take your health concerns. Muscle pull is not limited to neither female nor male, it can happen to both of them.

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What Can Cause Muscle Pull in the Hand
1.      Washing of clothes, utensils, cars etcetera for a long period of time , can give rise to muscle pull.
2.      Fatigue

How Can I Stop Muscle Pull in the Hand
You can stop muscle pull attack in the hand if you follow this instruction.
1.      If you notice muscle pull attack while washing, stop washing immediately and take a cup of water. Rest the hand for about 3 minutes, you will find a relief in your hand. Then, you can continue washing.
2.      If you noticed it as a result of fatigue, take a cup of water and back it up with siesta and you will have a replenish muscle when you wake up.

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