September 12, 2019


Some time ago in one of my previous post ‘How to Increase Your 2go Star Progress Quickly, I promised to show you how to increase your 2go star to ultimate which I didn’t do on time because of my tight schedule. Now that I am less busy, you may enjoy every bit of this post and learn how to increase your 2go star to ultimate only if you continue reading.

What will be my benefit if I increase my 2go star to ultimate?

This is the same question I asked my 2go friends some years back when they told me that they want to increase their 2go star to ultimate. The following below are benefits of 2go ultimate star:
HOW TO INCREASE YOUR 2GO STAR TO ULTIMATE, In 5 hours, in 2 weeks, in 1 hour.

1.       Increase in Rank: Some people see this as a way of compensation from 2go for using their network. Sometimes, people with higher star ignore lower star friend request.

2.       Increase in popularity: This increase popularity by drawing your friend attention when they see a change in your 2go stars. Most time, the popularity does not come from your 2go friend but also from various chat rooms.

3.       Increase in Friends: This is the most inspiring part of it all ‘increase in friends’. I guess you have seen some of your friends in 2go with over 1,000 friends. The trick to this is that users on 2go love to keep friends with high 2go star like ultimate. So when they found somebody with such star, they tend to send friend request without looking back.

How can I increase my 2go star to ultimate?

You can increase your 2go star to ultimate if you follow the below instructions carefully:

1  .       Go to your message with your mobile phone and
2  .       Type any Short Message containing your 2go Username
3  .       Send it To 7997 e.g  [Leo to 7997]
4  .       Make sure the airtime on your phone is not up to N10 when sending the text
5  .       After that, It would show you message sending failed, Don’t worry, Forget the message
6  .       Now Log in to your 2go account, stay for at least 5hrs before logging out. You will see your 2go star increase like magic.

If you have other methods that you used to increase your 2go star, please tell us via the comment box.
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