March 22, 2014

How to borrow Airtime on MTN Nigeria

Mobile Telecommunication Giant, MTN has introduced a new feature which allows you to borrow Airtime from them and payback later. This made me remember what a friend of mine said some years back while having N0.00 on his balance and with the urge of making an important call; he said “I wish I could borrow Airtime from MTN”. I think this is a dream come true for him.

This feature was officially launched on the 8th of February 2014 and was labeled MTN ExtraTime with the following slogan “get an Airtime loan and pay later”. This service has been around in Ghana, Uganda, Zambia before they decided to extend it to Nigeria since Nigeria is one of the country with the highest number of users.
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You may be pleased to note that this service attracts 10% charge which means if you borrow N100, you will be given N90 while MTN deducts the 10% and N100 will be deducted from your account on your next recharge. This service is available to prepaid customers who have between 0-12 naira on their balance with the following terms and conditions

1  .       Tenure of line usage
2  .       Recharge frequency

How can I Borrow Airtime from MTN
1  .       Dial *606# and follow the prompt directives carefully.

This might be useful during emergency when someone falls out of Airtime with no available means of getting any. What’s your say on this? Please let us know via the comment box.

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