December 10, 2019


It is well known worldwide that millions of people use Facebook daily and burn money like fuel on subscription on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Facebook sometimes gets into the head while chatting which makes you last long with it and there by spending more on internet access.

What I am trying to say is that so many are in love with facebook and they tend to spend much on internet access while staying active. I once fall into this category not until I got a method that I use to Surf Facebook for free which I will be sharing with you.

This is not a Free Browsing Cheat or trick that they are going to block in a week time. It is an undisclosed method that is going to be around for a very longtime. Follow the below instructions to get yours working.

How to Get Started
1 .       Goto your browser,
2 .       Goto address in your browser and enter
3 . I.e it means browsing facebook at zero cost


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